Since its founding in 1924, the Westport Garden Club has been committed to supporting the health and history of our community, through both civics projects and philanthropy.


Property Maintenance:
Maintenance work, largely done by Club members, consists of planting, weeding, dividing, pruning and mulching. Work parties are organized throughout the spring, summer, and fall. The Club maintains the following local properties:

Adams Academy (Morningside Drive North)
WGC members restored this site in 1991.

Beach Buds (at the entrance to Compo Beach)
This garden was re-established by WGC in 2007 and received a Westport Beautification Award in 2010.

Compo Colonial Cemetery Park (Compo Beach Road across from Quentin Road)
WGC members restored this cemetery in 1994.

Earthplace Entrance Garden (Earthplace, 10 Woodside Lane)
This garden was established in 1989.

Grace K. Salmon Park (Imperial Avenue across from Baker Avenue)
This former landfill was restored and planted in 1977 by WGC and is now a public park. For our work on this property, WGC was awarded the Lucille B. Droge Mauntel Certificate for Conservation by the National Council of Garden Clubs.

Kings Highway Cemetery (Kings Highway North at Wilton Road)
This cemetery was restored and rededicated by WGC in 1949.

Lucas Garden (Ned Dimes Marina at Compo Beach)
The Lucas Garden was created in 2012 in memory of Westporter Charles Lucas, an avid gardener and sportsman. Creation of the garden was a collaboration between WGC and Charles’s family and friends.

Nevada Hitchcock Memorial Garden (Weston Road at Cross Highway)
This garden was established in 1941 in honor of an illustrious founding member.

Platt Cemetery Preservation (Post Road West, near the Norwalk town line)
Restored by WGC members in 1986.

Poplar Plains Cemetery (Wilton Road across from The Red Barn)
This site was first restored by WGC members in 1954.

Westport Library Winter Garden (near the lower entrance to the library, on Jesup Green)
This garden was planned and planted by WGC members in 1999 in recognition of our 75th anniversary.

Each year a representative of Sound Waters visits elementary school classes in Westport to give students a “hands-on” experience with the sea life and plants in Long Island Sound. WGC has helped to fund this program since 1992.

At our wreath-making workshop each December, large wreaths are created to adorn many public buildings in Westport, including:

Westport Senior Center
Parks and Recreation
Westport Historical Society
Westport/Weston Health District
Westport Housing Authority
Adams Academy
Gillespie Center
Women’s Crisis Center
ABC House
Project Return

The Westport Garden Club shares its fund raising profits with organizations that reflect our cornerstone values of education, conservation, preservation and beautification. In the past year, WGC has given money to the following organizations:

Wakeman Town Farm
Aspetuck Land Trust
Westport Public Library
Nature Conservancy
The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station
Connecticut College Arboretum
Connecticut Audubon
Staples High School Tuition Grants
Westport Historical Society
Friends of Sherwood Island
Federated Garden Clubs Scholarship
Garden Therapy/World Gardening
Sherwood Mill Pond
Harbor Watch/River Watch
Naugatuck Valley Community College (scholarship for a horticultural student)